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Final Cut Pro - Video Editing Tips & Tricks

Nowadays, people think that the editing of a video with Final Cut Pro is too time-consuming, soul-crushing, and frustrating. However, it is not true. It might be because the editors don’t have strong knowledge about this software to edit your videos. Video editing can be a boom and uplift your career if you know the proper use of this software. Let’s have a quick look at some tips and tricks of using this software. The most relevant program of Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 free download is Final Cut Pro X. Get a free download for Multimedia software in the specialized. Fast and Affordable. 800+ Stunning Effects. 4K Editing Support. 600k Happy Users.

Tips 1- Magnetic Timeline

One of the controversial reason for the people to avoid the use of Final Cut Pro for editing their videos is because of the magnetic timeline. When you are editing a video then you usually place all your clips on the timeline and this software auto sets them one by one as a next-playing clip.

This auto-setting feature can be advantageous if you go for the quick editing process. You just pick and place your desirable clips sequentially and this software will do the needful. However, this is not an appropriate way for how professionals edit their videos.

With this feature, deleting a clip in-between is not possible. For this, you need to turn off the magnetic timeline feature. For switching off, just Click P or you can simply set your timeline to Position. Once done with this, you can easily delete your desired clip, space will automatically fill with other clips. If you want to avoid this, then delete the clip by pressing Fn. This will leave a gap where clip used to be.

Tip 2- Storage and media

For editing, it is always better for you to store your media file on an external drive that is quite fast to support your video editing. However, the media file can be stored anywhere, so it is highly recommended not to fill up your device’s storage with unnecessary media or files. Your storage drive should remain empty around 10%, it will be too good if it is 20%. Remember, the more the storage space, the better is the speed of your video editing by using Final Cut Pro.

In today’s world, with the advancement in technologies, for getting the fastest performance, better use USB3 and FW800. If you want to make video editing as your career then you can opt for the RAID set up. RAID drives are comparatively faster than any other drives and can easily store a huge amount of data that is too useful when you are editing your videos. RAID 5 with at least 4 hard drives is the better opinion for you.

Tip 3- Make use of the Find And Replace Text Tool

No matter you are up to editing vlogs or weddings or documentaries, you will require plenty of titles, quotes and lower thirds as well. With the help of Find And Replace Text Tool of Final Cut Pro, you can easily rectify your misspelling or undesirable words. To make use of this tool, you have to go to the “Edit” option first and then click on “Find And Replace Text” option. After that, swap the incorrect spelling with the appropriate one by clicking on the “Replace All” option. You can even make all these changes after finishing up with your video editing.

Tip 4- Using Effects

If you are fond of using too many colours or effects in your videos then Final Cut Pro is the best platform for you. The effects of this video editing software are merged into the system while you are editing. When you can’t decide which effect will be appropriate for you to use in the video then you can just move your cursor on the effect browser, it will automatically apply to your clips that are on your timeline. This is how you can see which effect look good on your video clips. You don’t need to apply the effects individually to look at the final outcome after applying effects.

Tip 5- The Range Tool

The Range Tool of Final Cut Pro manages the volumes of your video clippings. With the use of this, you can easily increase or decrease the volume of a particular clip. To use this feature in your video clippings, click on the R key first and then choose the portion you want to adjust the volume and then press OK. You will find the changes instantly. This saves lots of your time for lowering and increasing the volume individually.

Overall, these are the main tips and tricks of using Final Cut Pro. With all the interesting features of Final Cut Pro, it is the best solution to edit your videos. By making proper use of these tips and tricks, none can stop you from becoming a pro editor within a few months. So, what are you waiting for? Edit your video with Final Cut Pro with the use of these above-mentioned tips. All The Best!

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